Last Sunday’s warmth, rooftop bar and ice cream made me irrationally hopeful and excited for spring. Though by Tuesday Berlin was back to its usual cold and gray winter self forcing me to put my winter coat on again. I’m not giving up hope, absorbing every ray of sunshine that falls from the giant window in my […]

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never have I ever

- Listen, I don’t play games. – I shrugged my shoulders. – ANYMORE. – Riiight. – the familiar response followed. Now, that I think of it, – games are my guilty pleasure. And never have I ever has always been a favorite, despite the fact, that I’ve only played it a few times. That is, […]

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bundle of joy

I might be at risk of becoming a crazy cat lady one day, but admit it – isn’t he a darling? Meet Henry, the Scottishfold – a replacement for me in my parent’s household. This cat has one hell of a story, by the way, double citizenship and all :) For now – look into his […]

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the daily cup of coffee

Coffee is one of the things that make me get up in the morning. Literally. The smell of freshly ground coffee is to me what catnip is to Henry, the Scottishfold. Being incapable of brewing yourself a much-needed cup made me explore the abundant world of third wave Berlin coffee shops and mingle with the hipsters. […]

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print is not dead

When I lived in Ukraine, I didn’t care for magazines. The easiest way to explain that would probably be blaming the lack of selection and variety on the magazine stands around my city. Through, my mom was ordering a bunch of editions from all over the world, I hardly ever read them. I couldn’t explain […]

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